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Marchisio: ‘I chose the 10 shirt for Del Piero’
Posted on Wednesday December 05, 2018

Claudio Marchisio explains he chose the Zenit St Petersburg number 10 as a tribute to his childhood idol, Alessandro Del Piero. The former Juventus midfield spent 25 years with the club before being unceremoniously being shipped off to Zenit this summer. “It was a very intense period, everything was done in a short time,” Marchisio […]

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Bernardeschi: ‘Juve help you grow’
Posted on Wednesday December 05, 2018

Federico Bernardeschi hails Juventus as ‘a beautiful and unique world, where everyone helps you grow’. The Bianconeri forward won his first double at the club last season and has cemented his place in the Azzurri setup over the last year. “You become part of a beautiful and unique world at Juventus, which makes you grow […]

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Writing Worksheets Custom Service
Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

One previous thing to consider: morals. You occur to the desk with your morals and religious beliefs. Ethics does not teach or suggest a ethical credo. You are who you are. If you are morally corrupt, a thief or totally uncaring, ethics is of minor use to you. The only way one particular can strengthen […]

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